Home Buyers Boot Camp

Next Home Buyers Boot Camp:

Saturday April 4th, 2020 from 2 – 4:30 pm
Guv’nor Inn located at 389 Elizabeth Avenue, St. John’s

Now in its 10th year The Home Buyers Boot Camp are the first step for many of our clients who desired an interactive forum to discuss and any any questions you may have about the home buying process. Each event we have multiple guest speakers including Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, award winning Realtors®, Home Inspectors. The sessions are interactive & educational. The one thing the Home Buyers Boot Camp is not is a sales pitch.

Some of the topics covered in our Boot Camps are:

  • Available Programs – First time and second time home buyer
  • Credit Scoring – Mortgage credit requirements
  • Mortgages – Types of mortgage financing explained in detail
  • Property Types – New home process versus resale
  • Agency Disclosure – Different types of agents
  • Five Costly Mistakes – Learn the 5 biggest mistakes lots of home buyers make
  • Writing The Offer – Learn tips on what needs to be in an offer
  • Home Inspections – From start to finish – what they are and what they aren’t
  • Role Of The Lawyer – Who does the lawyer represent? what do they do?…how much do they cost?


  • Marc Mahoney & Joanna Gillen Mahoney – Mortgage Alliance Shoreline Mortgages
  • Martin Byrne, Howie Kearney, Andrew Osmond & Doreen Moyst – The Real Estate Professionals – Royal LePage Vision
  • Amanda Buis – Lawyer – Roebothan Mckay Marshall
  • Jody Mews – Home Inspector